Review: The Billionaire and The Wild Man by Lucy Felthouse & Victoria Blisse (@cw1985 @victoriablisse)


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Flynn Gifford is enjoying a simple existence in a rural Derbyshire village when Caroline Rogers crashes into his life, barefoot and panicked. Their lives could hardly be more different—she owns a successful luxury hotel chain, and he’s a penniless nomad who’s off the grid—yet neither can deny the attraction that burns between them. As Caroline reluctantly starts to open up to him, Flynn finds himself divulging some secrets of his own, secrets he thought he’d take to his grave. But can a billionaire and a wild man ever make a relationship work, or will their secrets keep them apart?



This is not the first book from either Lucy Felthouse or Victoria Blisse that I have read, but it is the first written by both, and I was not disappointed.

The story revolves around the story of Carrie Rogers, a billionaire businesswoman recovering from a nervous breakdown, and Flynn Gifford, ex-Army and living off-the-grid in Derbyshire. They meet by chance, and begin a beautiful affair. I say beautiful and not passionate, because despite the obvious sexual tension, it does take a while for them to make good on it!

However, there is more to it than the relationship between the billionaire and the wild man. Readers are drawn into the turbulent relationship with Carrie and her overbearing mother. Personally, I felt like I was meant to loathe her mum, but I didn’t. I pitied her, and wanted to think that she had Carrie’s best interests at heart.

Flynn clearly wants to be the Alpha male and be in control, and comes cross as the strong and silent type, which is not surprising when we find out more about his past. His life in the Army comes back to haunt him, affecting his relationship with Carrie, and for a while I did wonder how it was going to end.

It’s listed on Amazon as an erotica, however there is so much story that I would say it is more a erotic contemporary romance. The story is written in first person, with each chapter switching to either Carrie or Flynn’s POV, which makes a nice change from third or consistent first. There were occasions when I had to remind myself whose POV I was reading from. Saying that, it is well-written and easy to lose yourself in. I had to force myself to put it down otherwise I would have read it in a matter of days rather than weeks.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good contemporary romantic with erotic scenes.

An easy 5 stars.



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